Why a home child care?

A welcoming sense of family

The home care environment, while child safe and child friendly, provides a rich variety of accomodations that naturally arise in a family environment.

Emotional continuity

The same caregivers are here everyday to welcome the child. This is the home away from home for all children who come. There are no staff changes, friendship is based on earned trust.

Curriculum flexibility

Since care is provided in various spaces, the curriculum provided has more flexibility. Activities in progress can be left as they are, to be resumed after a short break. A child who might be slow to warm up is more likely to have the time to experience something he/she may have otherwise missed out on.

Mixed ages

There is a specific dynamic that occurs when children of mixed ages are together. They teach and love one another in ways that adults cannot begin to comprehend. Whether it is a pat on the back offered to an infant by a slightly older toddler or the energetic encouragement of a five year old to that same wobbly toddler to catch a toy, nothing can replace the growth and development deriving from these interactions.

Perfect location

We are within walking distance from several schools, parks and local attractions such as: Byron public library, Storybook Gardens, Adventures on Wonderland, Boler Mountain, Komoka Provincial Park and more.