Summer Nature Camps

At Blooming Babies...

Vacations are packed with fun! Last year we visited over 175 different places such playgrounds, wadding pools, parks, hiking trails, conservation areas, different lakes and rivers, museums, events and much more!
Children enrolled in our Magic Adventure program will receive a FREE 1 year pass at Storybook Gardens for them to keep.

Social skills!

We know that the best way for a child to learn and develop new skills is through play time and coordinated dynamic activities.

Enabling new friendships, exploring nature and creating memories that will last a lifetime is our commitment to you.

We are everywhere!

Our field trips are your perfect option when you want your child to have a remarcable experience. Some of the field trips are seasonal : strawberry picking at the local berry farm in spring, fishing and swimming in a conservation area in summer, apple picking & pumpkin painting in fall, skating and tobboganing in winter etc.

Amazing activities!

Location wise there are various sites that are visited during our field trips: East London Water park, Children's Museums, Local Byron Library, Pioneer Village, lakes and forest trails, Greenview Aviaries, Cambridge Buffterfly Conservatory, Arkona Waterfalls and Rock Glen fossil hunting

Why are our Field trips unique?

  1. - Extended hours are free
  2. - Meals are included
  3. - Transportation is included
  4. - All materials and supplies provided are free

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2017 Fees: $200/week*

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    Next step will be to set up a meeting at our daycare, meet your child, sign the papers and finalize all details.

    We are here to help and answer all your questions.