Blooming Babies Meal Plan

We are serving five meals/day

A nutritious breakfast that includes milk, eggs (with a touch of goodness such as: bacon, sausage or ham), whole grain cereals, fresh or frozen fruit, home made pancakes (with the topping of your choice: fresh fruits, chocolate chips or nuts), carrot muffins, french toast, fresh cinnamon toast, honey, maple syrup and more...

The morning snack is usually focused on calcium, vitamins and minerals. That means quality cheese, milk, nuts and berries, fresh fruit, whole grain pastries and vegetables juice freshly made.

Lunch is always simple and delicious. Since this is the second most important meal of the day after breakfast we will work with you to establish what your child likes.

The protein part of the meal is fresh roasted chicken, fish, steaks, turkey, meat balls, meat loaf, roasted beef or roasted pork loin, we are adding a lot more variety to proteins on a weekly basis and we rotate the menu each week. As a side dish along with the protein will be poached or steamed vegetables such as baby carrots, broccoli, corn, peas, green beans, etc. finishing with a touch of tasty baked potatoes, rice, buttered sweet potatoes, couscous, lentils, mashed potatoes, pasta and more depending on what's scheduled for the specific week. We serve milk, water or vegetable juice along with lunch and a piece of whole grain pastry (bread, crustini, crackers, paninni, etc).

As a treat we have Pizza Friday. We are doing our best to offer a new kind of pizza each week so all the kids enjoy it to the max!

Afternoon snack, while we like to make it comfort food it is also nutritious and healthy. A welcomed pudding or peanut butter jelly with fresh fruits on top, a grilled cheese sandwich with veggies and dip or whole grain pastries with fruits, milk, water or freshly squeezed vegetable juice makes the afternoon snack a desirable treat for the little ones.

Dinner, for the afternoon and night children is usually the same as lunch.

How and what to feed children

Variety is the key to success. Offer your children healty foods and let them choose what's the next thing they want to try. Avoid power struggles and establish a meal schedule.

Be a rolemodel

Children learn healthy eating habbits by watching their parents and caregivers. Sharing a positive attitude about foods and eating with children helps them develop healthy eating habbits.

Children's Nutrition

If you have questions like: "Is my child eating enough?", "Is my child gaining enough weight?", "What should I feed my children on a busy schedule?" Please follow the link below for answers to your questions. We found lots of valuable information, awesome recipes voted and made by children and much more.

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