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Comprehensive Leveled Reading Resources for Kids

Raz-Kids is an award-winning teaching product that provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. With hundreds of eBooks offered at 29 different levels of reading difficulty, it's easy to put the right content in every student's hands.

At Blooming Babies we are offering Raz-Kids for all our customers, After School Program and Magic Adventures Program! Please contact us if you didn’t receive your account information when you enrolled in our programs.

If you already have an account, just click "Kids Login" near the robot!. Happy reading!

Prodigy is a free, online, math-based, curriculum aligned, role playing game.

Join 250,000 teachers and over 5 million students in using the game that will revolutionize the way you approach math instruction!

Children enrolled in our After School Program, Sumer Camps and Magic Adventure Program are all part of our big Prodigy classroom. Please reffer to your login information and our class code:5B0C0C

Dear parents, Teach your Monster to Read is a free, award winning game which helps children to master the key first stages of reading. It’s been created by the Usborne Foundation, led by Peter Usborne (of Usborne Publishing). We’re using it in our programs, and your child will benefit more from the game if they can play at home. It’s free, and it's really easy to log in. Just use the details below. Note that this game works on a computer and tablets so your child’s account and progress could be linked across devices.

You will need to use the link below for our classroom: